There is a story behind every brand right? Well, you might be wondering what’s the story behind Bumped Up?

How did a strong masculine company like Bucked Up decide to launch a brand made primarily for moms and babies?! 

Well, it was an easy choice for the CEO of BuckedUp Ryan Gardner & the VP of Bucked Up Jose Reyes. Being very educated and informed in the supplement world it was clear to see that Mother’s, in general, don’t have much support in the supplement world.

 Finding clean safe products for moms that they can also take while nursing is not easy. Moms should be able to continue their health and fitness journeys without having to worry about the supplements they are taking while sharing their bodies with their babies. That’s why Bumped Up was created to support moms all over the world. 

Jose Reyes shares some insight into the brand himself. 

“Spending time as a GNC Franchisee in a past life, I always watched expecting mothers walk into my store upon learning they are pregnant. (It wasn’t mine!) They sought the typical protein and prenatal vitamins that their doctor had recommended. More often than not, they would just grab whatever said prenatal, never looking at the panel, never knowing about bioavailability, folic acid vs folate, etc.

 Then we would run into the protein dilemma….

 They would reach for products with clever and catchy marketing vs clean and detailed labels; which meant protein loaded with chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, artificial coloring, and sweeteners, etc. 

Fast forward many years later, and presented with the opportunity to create a pregnancy line. I jumped at the opportunity to do so. 

Knowing that there was a huge need in the market for transparency, cleanliness, and utility. Bumped Up pre and postnatal vitamins are loaded with what you need, from sustainable sources. Fully transparent panels with bioavailable forms of your vitamins and minerals. 

From a protein quality standpoint, we went with grass-fed and hormone-free cows, then sweetened it with stevia and steered clear of artificial coloring. The comprehensive digestive enzyme blend in both the pre and postnatal proteins may ease stomach discomfort and the sensitive digestion that is often associated with pregnancy and being a new mom. 

Last but not least we added healthy fats to the postnatal protein to make sure you are getting high-quality protein and fats to help sustain you and your baby, if you decide to breastfeed or if you find yourself with less energy and time to fit those healthy macros into your diet.

In summation: we were tired of watching the dirty proteins and subpar vitamins dominate a market. A market that new and expecting mothers were putting their faith into, as well as hard-earned money. If you are expecting or have a new little one, and you are on the market for protein and multivitamins, give Bumped Up a try. We are backed by a 100% 30-day satisfaction guarantee.”

And there you have it, ladies, it’s time that Mothers get more support in their health journeys and with a brand they can trust. As times have changed, people in general are becoming more self-aware and motivated to make healthier choices in their lives, especially new mothers.

 This generation is learning to read labels and looking for products that they can trust to provide them with the cleanest most natural products. 

Bucked Up has already shown us that they make high quality products so why not share the wealth with the Mom’s of the world who are sharing their bodies with tiny humans! 

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