How Meditation Can Help with Pregnancy Blues

How Meditation Can Help with Pregnancy Blues

On its face, pregnancy should be a positive. After all, you are growing life inside you, and that’s amazing. There are times, however, that the thought of impending motherhood along with all of the stress of bringing a baby into the world can make you anxious, tense, overtired, and really stressed. If you want to decrease the level of tension in your life, meditation can really help. Meditation can also go a long way towards easing signs of depression as well. If you want to know how meditation can help you, keep reading for more information. 

Why Am I Crazy?

People tell pregnant women they are crazy all the time. However, we’re here to tell you, that’s not what’s going on. Instead, your body is flooded with hormones that are designed to prepare you for childbirth, the growth of your child and its development. While all those hormones are great for your baby, they are not so great for you. Pregnancy hormones can make you have a range of emotions, from depression to euphoria–all in the matter of an hour. 

What Is Meditation?

Meditation is a quieting of your mind. You are focusing all of your attention someplace else. Depending on the form of meditation you are using, your mind may be focused only on your breathing. Other forms of meditation have you focused on a word or a phrase. Whatever form of meditation you are using, focusing your mind on one thing for a specific period of time is the key. 

How Does Meditation Help?

Meditation won’t help you if you plan on doing it once. However, if you practice meditation daily, it has several benefits during pregnancy. First, researchers have found that when you meditate, your brain releases endorphins, such as serotonin, into your body. These endorphins help to stabilize your moods, and work on those pregnancy blues. It also means that your hormones will be more balanced over time, which will calm the mood swings. Meditation also helps with the stress and anxiety of this major life change that is happening to you. When you think about it, meditation sounds like a great idea for anyone, but it is really great for pregnant women. 

If you are having difficulty sleeping, meditation also helps to balance out your sleep patterns. While we can’t say that meditation is going to stop you from going to the bathroom every two minutes during that last month of pregnancy, we can say that meditation before sleep really helps to move your body into a restful sleep pattern. 

How Do I Meditate?

Researchers have found that it doesn’t matter what kind of meditation you practice, it’s that you are practicing the meditation that is helpful. Consistency is the key. If you can devote a few minutes to meditation each day, you will begin to see changes in your mood, as well as your sleep pattern. You can choose to meditate using an app, a program, or a meditation video on YouTube. There are some meditation aids just for pregnant women, so be sure and check those out. Once you start quieting your mind, you will feel better, and you will get more sleep. 

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